WordPress Hosting Plan Add Ons

More information about our add ons:

We offer several services to help keep your website online, safe, and secure.

SSL Certificate $30 yr.

Keep your customer’s information safe and improve your search engine rankings with an SSL certificate.

Monthly Maintenance $30 mo.

Do you occasionally need updates to your website but you’re a bit uncomfortable in the WordPress admin? If so this add on is for you. We’ll take care of the occasional update, troubleshoot an issue for you, and give you the comfort of knowing you’ve got our support. Best of all – our time is 50% off!

100% Uptime Monitoring $3 mo.

Can’t afford for your website to go down? Did you know adding or updating plugins, a WordPress error, or an unmaintained plugin can bring your website down? We’ll monitor the website every minute and if it goes down we’ll resolve it for you.

Website Security Monitoring $30 mo.

We’ll monitor any changes made to the code of your website, users logging into the WordPress admin, and any vulnerabilities the minute they become available. If we spot something amiss we’ll jump in and take care of it for you and notify you of the issue and resolution.

Automated Scaling $15 mo.

Do you have times when you have a ton of traffic hitting your website at once and you cannot afford it to slow down or go down? Is someone going to advertise your website on the radio, TV, or a major website linking back to yours?  If so, our automated scaling solution will ramp up the power behind your website without any extra effort from you.

Local SEO$100 mo.

Get found when someone searches for your website near your location. We will make sure your website is submitted to over 70 directories that are all used to tell someone more about your business and keep that information up to date to help your customers find you.