Optimized Website Hosting

As a group of developers who specialized in WordPress, Magento and Symfony2, it became obvious that most hosting companies out there didn’t meet the needs of our applications and clients. After trying GoDaddy, Bluehost, Host Gator, Media Temple and out of the box servers and VMs, our Magento and WordPress applications just didn’t run fast enough. Over time we decided to continue to tweak the server, caching and configuration files to truly meet the needs of the application and its resources.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the number one system used to build websites on the web. By a lot. It is quick to get a project up and running that is suitable for many small businesses or personal websites. The problem, however, is that WordPress is resource intense. It runs a lot of expensive MySQL queries to get those posts. Standard web servers host hundreds of clients on one server, and as those queries are run, the need for optimization increases.

Optimizing for WordPress includes multiple, specific uses of caching, Apache configuration tuning, a content delivery network,  integrity monitoring and MySQL database tuning.

Optimized Magento Hosting

Magento is a monster and a resource hog. It’s barely possible to host Magento on a shared server and is still pretty painful to host it on a server that hasn’t been at least somewhat optimized. We went the extra mile to give the best experience. Utilizing multiple, specific uses of caching, a content delivery network,  configured PHP settings and enhanced infrastructure, you will see a difference the moment you fire up your application.

PHP Framework Hosting

Because your application is unique, the framework hosting servers allow for a personalized experience and adjustments. With Varnish and APC caching and flexibility in PHP version to include object caching, a PHP framework like Symfony2 works very nicely without any additional optimizations. Of course, memcache is also ready for your specific use. Additionally, a CDN can be set up on request, depending on your application needs.